Instrument Cleaning & Disinfection

Surgical instruments and equipment save lives – if they’re regularly cleaned and disinfected or sterilised. But if not, they can spread healthcare-associated infections.

“It is good practice for shared clinical equipment to be cleaned with a detergent solution between patient uses, and disinfected where indicated,” according to the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.

Whiteley supplies hospitals in Australia and New Zealand with machine detergents, manual and ultrasonic detergents, stainless-steel brighteners and descalers, as well as the Proxy automatic endoscope reprocessing chemistry system.

Whiteley also offers training and support for its complete range of Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD) products.

Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising is an essential part of patient care.

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Water testing

As a safety requirement, healthcare organisations are required to regularly test and monitor their water, in accordance with AS/NZS 4187:2014.

This includes monthly water hardness, conductivity and chloride testing, and annual endotoxin testing.

So Whiteley offers water testing kits and endotoxin compliance testing, to help your endoscopy and sterilising departments achieve compliance.

Whiteley also offers practical compliance support. We can train your staff and provide ongoing support, to make sure you follow industry best practice.

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