The McLaws Hand Hygiene
    Compliance Calculator™
    Good hand hygiene is critical in preventing the spread of germs. Use this simple calculator to assess how many hand hygiene moments your staff are performing.

    How many beds are in your ward / facility?

    What's your occupancy rate?

    How much alcohol based hand rub do you use?

    Estimated Hand Hygiene Compliance* (Based on the information you have provided) Data for this model has been supplied by Prof Mary-Louise McLaws (UNSW) who was the chief investigator of 'Automated hand hygiene auditing with and without an intervention' Am J Infect Control 2016; 44:1475-80. doi: 10.1016/j.ajic.2016.08.014. *Based on the information you have provided this data has been calculated using averages for hand size and dosage systems.
    Actual Number of Hand Hygiene Moments:
    Estimated Hand Hygiene Compliance Level:
    Actual Number of Hand Hygiene Moments if 100% Compliant:
    How Much Product You Should Require:
    * Rounded to the nearest litre
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