One of the most important parts of an endoscopy comes at the end – the cleaning. If medical devices and instruments are reused in multiple endoscopic procedures, it’s vital to follow strict rules around disinfecting and sterilising, to prevent the spread of disease.

That’s why Whiteley developed the Proxy automatic endoscope reprocessing (AER) chemistry system, which is manufactured under strict protocols. Proxy plays a key role in the endoscope reprocessing process. The Proxy range includes concentrated enzymatic and non-enzymatic detergents for pre-disinfection cleaning, a high-level disinfectant/sterilant, an anticorrosive additive, and a 70% ethanol drying solution.”

“Effective infection prevention and control is central to providing high quality healthcare for patients and a safe working environment for those who work in healthcare settings,” according to the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.

Whiteley Corporation along with the Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia (GENCA) have put together an educational video on ‘Endoscope Reprocessing’. This useful training tool for Endoscopy Staff explains the seven steps of endoscopy reprocessing, which is critical to preventing the transmission of disease. You can watch a 30 second sneak peek of this new training video below. To purchase a copy of the full video, please visit GENCA’s online shop here.

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