Opal® is an Ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA) based high level disinfectant that features a reuse period up to twice the length of competitors.* Opal® is suitable for manual disinfection of compatible semi-critical medical and dental devices and automated reprocessing of Endoscopes and accessories. With the same contact time and temperature for manual disinfection and Automated Reprocessing, Opal® provides fast turnaround time for endoscopes.

  • 6-minute contact time
  • Used at room temperature (20°C)
  • Effective against a wide array of micro-organisms
  • Up to 28 day use-life
  • Available for manual disinfection
  • Ready-to-use, no mixing or activation required
  • Contains: Ortho-Phthalaldehyde 5.7g/L
  • Minimum Recommended Concentration (MRC) is 0.35% OPA as determined by OPAL® Test Strips
  • Shelf life is 24 months

ARTG No: 206575

*When the product is decanted from the bottle.

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