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We are a leading global innovator in medical infection prevention and professional hygiene solutions.

Innovative Solutions

We’re committed to providing high quality products to help reduce the spread of harmful pathogens and microorganisms.

Online Learning Centre

We offer training programs which have been developed by industry professionals to advance expertise and compliance.

Professional Product Range

Our Professional range has been streamlined, and our colour coded chart makes it easier for you to select the right products for your needs.

Healthcare – Infection Prevention

Healthcare – Instrument Reprocessing

Professional Cleaning

“Best practice” are two words the Whiteley organisation takes very seriously. Because in the field of cleaning and infection control – best practice saves lives and livelihoods.

And given how pathogens spread and mutate so easily, what might have been good enough in cleaning and infection prevention last year – may not be good enough next year.

Fortunately, under the leadership of Dr. Greg Whiteley – a world-renowned expert on infection prevention and control, best practice is always advancing.

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