Infection prevention in aged care facilities has never been more important. Our elderly friends and family members are living longer lives, which means populations are increasing in nursing homes, high-care facilities and in-home care. As we know, the elderly are more vulnerable than young people to dangerous bacteria and viruses. And there are many ways microorganisms can spread via high-touch surfaces, poor hand hygiene or through the air.

That’s why it’s vital for aged care facilities to recognise TGA-registered infection prevention and cleaning solutions. Whiteley offers specialised products for odour control, skincare, hand hygiene, cleaning and surface disinfection. These products can help you create a safe, hygienic environment for residents, staff and visitors.

The Australian Department of Health warns that “outbreaks can be hard to control” in aged care homes. “In an aged care home, a flu or gastro outbreak can start with just two or three residents getting sick. Flu and gastro can then spread very quickly to other residents, staff and visitors. For some other, rarer diseases, just one case can be considered an outbreak. Providers must act fast to control the spread of infection.”

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