General Cleaning

Professional cleaners are unsung heroes. They do vital work keeping our buildings clean and safe. And they work very, very hard.

That’s why Whiteley has spent years partnering with industry professionals to make the cleaning process easier, more efficient and more effective, and to develop a range of integrated systems that cover most cleaning applications.

Floor Care

The floor is often the first thing you notice when you walk into a building. That’s why contract cleaners are assessed on the way they maintain a building’s floors.

Whiteley offer a comprehensive range of floor care products including floor strippers, polishes and sealers, as well as day-to-day maintenance products for every aspect of hard floor care.

To make your life even easier, Whiteley has developed a Floor Sealer Calculator, which will help guide you on the best product and usage requirements for your floor.

Carpet Care

Carpets that look clean on the surface may be hiding germs and dust mites. That’s why professional cleaners do more than just make facilities look nice; they also keep the occupants healthy.

Whiteley has created an impressive range of industrial carpet maintenance products, so you can keep all your facilities clean and safe.

Whiteley’s industrial carpet care line is the result of years of extensive research. Included in the range is Encapsul8, a global leading, patented Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo that uses advanced polymer technology to encase soil on carpet fibres. Encapsul8 is formulated with a powerful surfactant system that emulsifies oily soils on fibres which enables residue to be encapsulated by the polymer.

All of Whiteley’s industrial carpet care products conform with hazardous substances regulations. Whiteley is committed to developing environmentally responsible products and makes use of renewable natural resources.


Out of sight is often out of mind. So it can be easy to forget that the commercial, retail and educational facilities we visit or work in may be full of pathogenic microorganisms.

Sometimes, they spread through the air. Sometimes, they spread via high-touch areas such as railings, door handles, work stations and telephones. That’s why every facility – from restaurants and beauty salons to schools and shopping centres – needs to prioritise infection prevention and control.

How? By practising hand hygiene and investing in surface disinfection products.

Your staff and customers will thank you.