We are Whiteley

As Australia’s largest manufacturer of sterilants, disinfectants and professional cleaning technologies, Whiteley have been protecting lives and livelihoods since 1933.

We are Whiteley

As Australia’s largest manufacturer of sterilants, disinfectants and healthcare cleaning technologies, Whiteley have been protecting lives and livelihoods since 1933.

Who We Are

Whiteley is a TGA licensed manufacturer of therapeutic goods and on the campus in Tomago in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, they manufacture innovative products that enable cleaning and disinfection that meet international standards. Whiteley provide quality products in the fields of Endoscopy, Surgical and Theatre, Hospital Infection Prevention, Central sterilisation departments, Aged care, Contract cleaning and Professional cleaning services.

Whiteley remains an Australian family-owned business led by Dr Greg Whiteley, a world renowned expert on Infection Prevention and Control. The Business operates throughout Asia Pacific and exports to over 20 international markets including across Southeast Asia, China and the US.

At Whiteley there is a obsessive focus on clinical research to drive constant innovation in the vital area of Infection Prevention. Their commitment to research programs in emerging fields such as bacterial biofilms are driving world first technologies in this area, including Surfex® which holds the title of the world’s first dry surface biofilm remover. Several Whiteley publications are recognised as seminal papers in field, particularly with Dry Surface Biofilms.

Whilst the height of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic may be behind us, Superbugs do and will continue to take lives. This will remain a core focus for Whiteley and they continue to focus on the development of appropriate hygiene interventions. Whiteley are researching how superbugs bind onto surfaces, and the transfer mechanisms that lead to others becoming infected. Understanding how to stop these biofilms forming and contributing to patient infections has the potential to save thousands of lives. The intent is not to replace antibiotics, but to provide additional processes and defences in the prevention or treatment of infections. In recognition of his groundbreaking work, Dr Greg Whiteley was recently appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney.

From beginnings during the Great Depression, to a global fight against Pandemics and Superbugs the future looks bright for Whiteley. With new products, new claims, new research, new facilities and many new product opportunities being investigated they look forward to delivering even more leading cleaning and disinfection technology to the market in the future.

Dr Greg Whiteley added “whilst there is still the ability to protect lives and livelihoods we will be continuing to fulfill our company mission of protecting lives and livelihoods.’’

Protecting lives and livelihoods since 1933

Our Values

Whiteley believes patient safety should be protected by technology that reduces the risks of healthcare associated infections. Whiteley is committed to developing cutting edge technologies and to create safer, cleaner healthcare environments.

We live by 6 core values as we fulfil our mission.

Inspire our people to be the best they can, and embrace their passion

Create market leading solutions which sustain, enhance, and disrupt

Take the extra step to get the very best results

Work effectively as one team to achieve our goals

Put the customer at the heart of everything we do

Get results the right way, being honest, clear and respectful

Our History

Our Team

To deliver the best we employ the best. At Whiteley, you will find a broad cross-functional team who are all experts in their respective professional fields.

Our team work together to deliver the goals of the business and to meet the needs of our broad base of customers across numerous channels. Everyone at Whiteley is driven by a shared passion to protect lives and livelihoods.

At Whiteley, we have a team of dedicated scientists under the leadership of Dr Greg Whiteley. Their focus is on clinical research to drive innovation in the area of Infection Prevention, sterilants, and hygiene. Turning ground-breaking discoveries into commercial products requires the focused work of our Development Scientists, our Medical and Regulatory team and our Production and Quality Assurance teams.

Getting our products to market through our extensive network of distributors is led by our Sales and Marketing teams. With Whiteley, professional sales teams focused on Infection Prevention, Medical Device Reprocessing, and professional cleaning we have the needs of our customers firmly in focus.

Our marketing team ensure that our brands fully meet the needs of our customer base. They ensure that our brands are well known, easy to use and that the training and education needs of our diverse customer base are met.

Our production team produce most of our products at the Whiteley Campus in Tomago, in the Hunter Region of New South Wales. Here our team is comprised of manufacturers, packaging technologists, warehousing, and dispatch personnel. They are complemented by our friendly Customer Service team who help to maintain the Whiteley reputation of exceptional service and support.

And behind all of this, you will find the other heroes of our organisation including our finance and accounts team, procurement specialists and factory engineers who all look to the future and help deliver effective business operations.

Please get in touch with us and let our exceptional team help your business or facility to deliver exceptional quality outcomes.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Greg Whiteley

Dr Greg Whiteley

Executive Chairman


Phillip Morgan

Non Executive Director

Cassandra Mathews

Non Executive Director

John Stewart

Non Executive chairman

Darren Leyden

Managing Director


Whiteley has offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Our head office is located in North Sydney.

The Whiteley Manufacturing campus is in Tomago, in the Hunter Region of New South Wales.


Head Office

Suite 501, Level 5
12 Mount Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060 Australia

Manufacturing Facility

19-23 Laverick Avenue
Tomago, Newcastle
NSW 2322 Australia

New Zealand

Head Office

3-5 Kahu Street
Otahuhu 1640
New Zealand

Quality Statement and Accreditations​

Health Statement

Whiteley makes every effort to ensure that its products are always safe to use, however products can affect individuals differently and the company cannot predict individual responses. Therefore careful reading of the SDS is essential prior to first use.

Environmental Statement

Whiteley manufactures products that comply with Australian and International environmental policy.


The Whiteley manufacturing facility has the following accreditations: