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Whiteley calls for broader support in providing critical Covid-19 assistance to our closest neighbours.

Whiteley is an Australian manufacturer of infection prevention products including a range of surface disinfectants and hand sanitisers all of which have played a critical role within our hospital and medical network in the fight against Covid-19. Despite working day and night to keep Australian medical facilities in supply, Whiteley have also focused on donating over $350,000 of infection prevention products including V-Wipes™, Surfex® and Viraclean® to our neighbouring Pacific Nations since the Pandemic started.

Support and donations to Australia’s closest neighbours is not new for Whiteley. “Our company first engaged with Papua New Guinea in the early days of independence, and we have continued to supply products and educational support into the Papua New Guinea health care system over the many decades”, said Dr Greg Whiteley, Executive Chairman at Whiteley.

Covid is having a significant social and economic impact within our neighbouring nations. In Papua New Guinea for instance, infection rates are soaring and the products they need to prevent infection are in very short supply. “A lot more needs to be done to support our neighbours and we urge Australian businesses to join the fight against Covid-19 in our Pacific Region” said Darran Leyden, Managing Director at Whiteley. “We would also like to see Government support, specifically enabling initiatives such as freight cost relief for donated products to enable businesses like ours to further increase the scale of our donation program’’.

Tracking data highlights that Papua New Guinea has administered 290,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to date. This equates to a vaccination rate of just 1.7% of their population, based on 2 doses. (Source: Our World in data). With Australia’s vaccination rate now over 80%, and places like NSW over 90% it is easy to forget our neighbours and the struggles they are facing everyday trying to keep their people safe. “In PNG there have been more than 32,000 infections and 430 reported coronavirus-related deaths since the pandemic began but we know the problem is on a much broader scale due to many infections and related deaths going unreported in developing Nations’’ added Darran.

“As a company, we remain fully committed to supporting our many friends and colleagues in our region, as any good neighbour should be doing” concluded Dr Whiteley.

(Photo: Infection Prevention training at Goroka Hospital.)

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