Celebrating 90 years of business with Export Customers

Celebrating 90 years of business with Export Customers

22nd September 2023

Whiteley held its 5th Biannual Export Conference in Sydney on 13th September 2023. The 3-day meeting saw delegates in attendance from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, and Malaysia attend the conference to discuss business opportunities and prospects for Whiteley products in the international marketplace. The export conference allowed delegates to tour key Sydney facilities in conjunction with the conference.

The Export meeting was led by Whiteley’s Vice President of International Sales, Greg Pobjoy. Greg concentrated on building and strengthening export customer relationships, product training, education and team building. These focus areas helped to create a successful export meeting in Sydney.

The export meeting was held alongside the Whiteley 90-year celebration dinner. The gala dinner was held at Curzon Hall in Marsfield on Thursday 14th September. More than 100 guests were in attendance from key industry bodies, export customers, researchers, academics, and customers.

Associate Professor Greg Whiteley said: “The 90th gala dinner was fabulous for us and our family, I wanted to express my personal gratitude to everyone who joined us to celebrate 90 years of Whiteley. Not many companies get to 90 years of age, but we are one of that rare breed and we look forward to the next 90 years from here.”

“On the night we did not have time to canvas all of the on-going work in which our team are engaged but there is much more to follow over the next couple of years.”

As Australia’s largest manufacturer of sterilants, disinfectants and professional cleaning technologies, Whiteley have been protecting lives and livelihoods since 1933. With its manufacturing facility located at Tomago, Whiteley Corporation is a proud advocate for conducting business in the Hunter Region.

Moving forward, Whiteley Corporation will continue to be a proud export ambassador for the Hunter Region. The company will look to explore new export markets and strengthen the export relationships that currently exist.

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