Bactol® Product Range

Science for your skin.

Bactol® Product Range

Science for your skin.

Bactol® Hand Hygiene Range

Hand hygiene is a simple act – yet one that can save the lives of your patients and staff. Regular hand hygiene has never been more important, but poorly formulated hand sanitisers are wreaking havoc on our hands. This is where Bactol® steps in – with effective cleaning, balanced by emollients leaving skin feeling soft and healthy.

“Hands are the main pathways of germ transmission during health care,” according to the World Health Organisation. “Hand hygiene is therefore the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).”

Whiteley understands the importance of hand hygiene and has developed a range of products and educational programs to reduce the spread of HAIs. The Whiteley hand sanitiser range includes Bactol® Clear and Bactol® Blue, both 70% ethanol formulations and are manufactured in Australia.

Bactol® Products

Bactol® Blue

Bactol® Blue is an antibacterial hand rub formulated with an alcohol concentration of 70% Ethanol v/v.

Bactol® Clear

Bactol® Clear is an antibacterial hand rub formulated with an alcohol concentration of 70% Ethanol v/v.

Bactol® 90%

Bactol 90% Alcohol Surgical handrub is a new fast-acting antiseptic hand rub for surgical-grade hand disinfection from Whiteley.

Bactol® Moisturiser

Bactol® Moisturiser absorbs quickly into the skin and is suitable for use under gloves.

Dispensing Systems

Our Bactol® products are available for use in Whiteley Automatic and Manual dispensing Systems, Hand Hygiene Stands, Bed Brackets and Wall Brackets.

For more information visit our Hand Hygiene Dispenser page.

Hand Hygiene Stand

Hand Dispenser


The McLaws Hand Hygiene Compliance Calculator

Developed by renowned epidemiologist Professor Mary-Louise McLaws to improve hand hygiene compliance in hospitals.

Hand hygiene compliance is crucial within hospitals to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection from one patient to another. This simple calculator is designed to assess how many hand hygiene moments healthcare staff are performing daily and estimates the amount of hand hygiene product usage that is required to meet recommended compliance levels.

Is your facility hand hygiene compliant? Take a few  moments to check your score! Use this simple calculator to assess how many hand hygiene moments your staff are performing.

The Science Behind Bactol®

Modern healthcare workers got the message: regular hand hygiene has never been so important. But with increased frequency comes dry, cracked skin which compromises skin integrity.

Bactol® Sanitisers help alleviate this problem in two ways. Firstly, by delivering exactly the right kind and amount of cleaning agent for each hand hygiene application. Secondly, every Bactol® product is enhanced with emollients that help keep skin soft, smooth and healthy.

The Bactol® range of products are fully Australian made; the result of decades of research and development, including extensive feedback from healthcare workers and facilities.

Bactol Range Family

A Bactol® Product for every application

Hand Hygiene Educational Videos

How to Sanitise Hands

Infection Prevention in Healthcare

Hand Hygiene in Healthcare

Pre-Surgical Hand Disinfection with Bactol 90

Pre Surgical Hand Disinfection with Bactol® 90

How to use Bactol 90 Pre-Surgical Hand Rub

How to use Bactol® 90 Pre Surgical Hand Rub

Online Training Courses

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Preventing the Spread of Infection in Healthcare and Allied Health

How to Sanitise hands

What is a biofilm

Cleaning v Disinfection

5 Moments for Hand Hygiene

Developed by the World Health Organisation as a baseline to prevent transmission of germs between patients, healthcare workers and surroundings.

Hand Hygiene Resources

5 Moments of Hand Hygiene
Hand Cleansing
Pre Surgical
Hand Disinfection

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