Whiteley Medical (A division of Whiteley Corporation Pty Ltd) is the leading global innovator in medical cleaning products. For over 81 years Whiteley Medical has been manufacturing innovative products that can clean and disinfect to international standards in the fields of Aged Care, CSSD, Domestic Services, Endoscopy, Surgical and Theatre and Infection Control Products.

Whiteley Medical is committed to world leading research and product development with patents used globally. The Research and Development Centre attached to the Tomago manufacturing site is the focal point for much of the work involving product development. Whiteley Medical's commitment to promote quality research has led to benefactor status at an internationally respected University and in the awarding of a range of government assisted research grants.

Every Whiteley Medical product is supported by both Technical Bulletins and Safety Data Sheets in the Australian approved format. Whiteley Medical provides education and training material for customers. To view our educational material visit the Education section or contact our Product Support Hotline on 1800 833 566.

Aged Care

Infection Control in Aged Care is becoming more and more important as demand for Aged Care services continues to increase worldwide. With the population now living longer there is an increasing number of elderly who need specialist attention in nursing homes, high-care facilities and home care. Common areas of concern within Aged Care facilities include patient bathing, incontinence and overall the facilities susceptibility to bacteria and virus outbreaks.

Whiteley Medical has the infection control and cleaning solutions required to create a safe and hygienic environment in Aged Care facilities. Infection Prevention and Control within Aged Care facilities are vital for Aged Care workers in providing quality care and safe workplace practices in accordance with the Department of Health and Ageing Guidelines. Whiteley Medical offer specialised products developed to meet the requirements for Infection Control in Aged Care including Odour Control, Skincare, Hand Hygiene, Cleaning and Surface Disinfection.


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CSSD Products

Providing quality patient care can only be successfully achieved if the surgical instruments and equipment used to treat them are clean. Whiteley Medical has a complete range of innovative products required for hospitals’ Central Sterile Service Departments.

Formulated using cutting edge technology, Whiteley Medical’s detergents produce superior cleaning efficacy on medical instruments and equipment. Whiteley Medical offer in-servicing, training and support for its complete range of CSSD products including Machine Detergents, Manual and Ultrasonic Detergents and Stainless Steel brighteners and descalers.


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Dental healthcare workers and patients can be exposed to a range of pathogenic micro-organisms if appropriate infection control practices are not in place. These organisms can be transmitted through contact with contaminated objects such as instruments, equipment and environmental surfaces. Good hand hygiene practices and surface disinfection are critical in reducing the risk of contamination between dentistry workers and patients.

Whiteley Medical offers a range of products suitable for creating a clean and safe environment in the dental practice setting. These products include surface cleaners, disinfectants, instrument cleaners and hand hygiene products.


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Domestic Services

Whiteley Medical offer internationally recognised Domestic Service brands for hospital cleaning applications. Healthcare providers must be confident that detergents used for Domestic Services cleaning are free of bacterial contamination and are labelled correctly with all relevant safety information. Keeping surfaces clean is critical to infection control in all areas of the healthcare environment.

Using world leading research, Whiteley Medical supply a complete range of products that Domestic Services staff require to maintain high standards set in hospitals and medical institutions. Cleaning charts and dispensing systems are available for Whiteley Medical's Super Concentrates System. This complete cleaning range includes a neutral detergent, surface disinfectant, total bathroom detergent, window cleaner, air freshener, spray & wipe and a heavy duty detergent for use within healthcare facilities.

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Most medical devices and instruments are subject to re-use in endoscopic procedures. Between each usage, a strict and disciplined regimen for cleaning and disinfecting or sterilising must be applied. Disinfectants for instrument applications are highly regulated as medical devices. Their efficacy is proven for their entire life and their manufacture is strictly supervised. Thorough precleaning is an essential practice for any effective cleaning and disinfection procedure.

Whiteley Medical has recently launched Proxy Automatic Endoscope Reprocessing Chemistry System. For more information on the Proxy range, please click here or download the brochure below.

Whiteley Corporation along with the Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia (GENCA) have put together an educational video on 'Endoscope Reprocessing'. This useful training tool for Endoscopy Staff explains the seven steps of endoscopy reprocessing, which is critical to preventing the transmission of disease. You can watch a 30 second sneak peek of this new training video below. To purchase a copy of the full video, please visit GENCA's online shop here.



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Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene is recognised as the single most important activity for an effective Infection Prevention and Control Program. The implementation of hand hygiene programs within healthcare facilities helps reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). Whiteley Medical understands the importance of hand hygiene practices and has developed a range of products and educational programs to reduce the spread of HAI’s. For more information contact our Product Support Hotline on 1800 833 566 or email

Whiteley Medical’s TGA registered products can assist in reducing the spread of germs in healthcare facilities. Our complete range of hand hygiene products are manufactured in Australia with full TGA accreditation. Whiteley Medical's product range includes: - antibacterial hand sanitisers, hand soaps and hand moisturisers.


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Most ultrasound departments will provide imaging services to a large number of different patients on any given day. Various ultrasound probes will be used on multiple patients, and it is of the utmost importance that all of these probes are cleaned, and where appropriate high level disinfected between every use.

Correctly cleaning probes between patients is as important as ensuring that we capture the best images for diagnostic reporting, it is all part of providing comprehensive patient care in a safe environment.


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Infection Control

Infection Prevention and Control

Each year in Australia approximately 165,000 patients suffer a Hospital Acquired Infection* (HAI), prolonging hospital stays and consuming millions of hospital bed days. Many individuals will die from the infection.

What can you do to reduce the risk of HAIs in your healthcare facility?

Here's 3 simple steps you can take to reduce the spread of germs:

*Mitchell BG, Shaban RZ, Macbeth D, Food CJ, Russo PL. The burden of healthcare-associated infection in Australian hospitals, a systemic review of the literature. Infect Dis Health 2017;22(3):117-27

Call 1800 833 566 or email to request more information or to book an infection prevention training session.

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Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is critical for Infection Prevention and Control within healthcare environments. Healthcare providers must be confident that detergents and disinfectants used for cleaning are free of bacterial contamination and are effective for their intended application.

Whiteley Medical is the leading technical pioneer of surface disinfection in Australia and Internationally. Our comprehensive range of disinfection products have been developed to suit a variety of cleaning applications. Through ongoing research, our product range continues to expand to further applied applications, ensuring that all aspects of the healthcare environment are correctly cleaned and disinfected.

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Water Testing Service

The introduction of the new standards means sterilising departments in healthcare need to comply with Table 7.2: AS/NZS4187:2014 – ‘Water Quality used for processing RMD’s’. Whiteley Corporation is offering chemistry compliance testing free of charge** to customers using Whiteley Medical products in their CSSD facility. Our complete service offering includes routine maintenance of pumps and dispensers within each facility and this will be undertaken on a monthly basis for customers who choose our water testing service.
Routine site visits to monitor and confirm product performance will be coordinated through Whiteley Medical’s Site Monitoring Report (SMR) App. Our team can assist with regular in-servicing and training for staff as well as provide ongoing support and training as required.
Water sample kits for CSSD Monthly water testing are available for purchase from Whiteley Medical. Contact our Customer Service team for more information.

Endoscopy Water Quality Requirements for AS/NZS 4187:2014 are currently under review. In order to assist Endoscopy departments work towards compliance, Whiteley Medical is offering an annual baseline water quality test, which will provide chemistry test results for all specified tests.
Whiteley Medical’s Endoscopy Water Testing Service includes Baseline Process Water Compliance Testing, Microbiological Compliance testing (Endotoxin Only) and a full comprehensive training and support package for ongoing monthly water testing.
Water testing will be completed at Whiteley Medical’s Test Facility in New South Wales for all AU customers. For more information on Water Testing Compliance contact 1800 833 566 or email

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Whiteley Medical provides education and training material for it's products.
We encourage the use of these resources to educate and promote product awareness.

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Whiteley Medical manufactures it's products in Australia to International Standards. It is always recommended that you speak with your customer sales representative to tailor the best solutions for your requirements. While Whiteley Medical makes every effort to ensure that its products are always safe to use, some products can affect individuals differently and the company cannot predict individual responses. Therefore careful reading of the MSDS is essential prior to first use. All Whiteley Medical products are supported by Technical Bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets in approved regulatory formats.