‘‘Best practice” are two words the Whiteley organisation takes very seriously. Because in the field of cleaning and infection control – best practice saves lives and livelihoods.

And given how pathogens spread and mutate so easily, improving infection prevention processes has never been more important.

Fortunately, under the leadership of Dr. Greg Whiteley – a world-renowned expert on infection prevention and control, best practice is always advancing.

An obsessive focus on clinical research combined with a bespoke TGA certified manufacturing facility has already led to many significant advances in hand hygiene as well as medical instrument and hard surface cleaning and disinfection. And these have been relied upon by healthcare facilities both in Australia and overseas for many decades.

And today, more than ever, that has never been more important.

Whiteley – protecting lives and livelihoods since 1933.

What we do

Infection Prevention & Cleaning

Research & Development


Research & Development 

Whiteley prides itself on having a Research and Development team committed to world leading research and product development. The Tomago site-based Research and Development team has a wealth of experience and award-winning success in the chemical manufacturing industry. Research and Development is a major focus of Whiteley, with resources dedicated to internal research as well as external research conducted in conjunction with international partners.

Whiteley continually conducts and funds research that investigates the improvement of health and hygiene solutions. This focus by the Research and Development team is as rewarding to Whiteley as it is to the customer, with better research comes better products and better products means a better result for our customers.

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Infection prevention and control will continue to be critical in aged care even once the threat of Covid-19 is contained, says one of Australia’s leading infection prevention experts, amid a growing threat of “superbugs” and viruses.

Whiteley's Executive Chairman Dr Greg Whiteley said hygiene and disinfection were essential for the health and quality of life for aged care residents who could be extra vulnerable to infection.

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Thank you to Kate Washington MP and Meryl Swanson MP for taking the time to visit our manufacturing facilities today.
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The need to rethink cleaning methods in the battle against microbes.

Infection prevention and control will continue to be critical in aged care even once the threat of Covid-19 is contained. Read more here - https://t.co/OvoKXeBHt6

#health #healthcare #covid #infectionprevention #agedcare #hygiene #handhygiene #cleaning #surfacecleaning

May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day! Today we recognise healthcare professionals who play a vital role in providing health services. Remember - Clean hands save lives!
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Whiteley Corporation understands the importance of hand hygiene particularly in healthcare. There has been a significant increase in consumption of hand hygiene products during the COVID19 pandemic and we’re thankful everyone is doing their part to prevent the spread of COVID19! https://t.co/SYL7zlbAYI WhiteleyCorp photo

Following recent changes to the Guidelines for Disinfectants under Therapeutic Goods Order 104, Whiteley Corporation can confirm VIRACLEAN® has the first newly approved label claim for killing SARS-CoV-2(COVID-19) virus on contaminated hospital surfaces. https://t.co/uvrbpBvYQd https://t.co/bYvjfZ55rT WhiteleyCorp photo

Out History

1930s – 40s 1930s – 40s
1950s – 60s 1950s – 60s
1970s – 80s 1970s – 80s
1990s – 00s 1990s – 00s
2000s – 10s 2000s – 10s
Today Today

1930s – 40s

In 1933, the Australian General Disinfectant Company was founded; this marked the beginning of Whiteley Corporation. The AGDC supplied hygiene products and processes for the entertainment industry and public amenities. The company progressively developed a complete range of deodorants, disinfectants, insecticides, pest control chemicals and cleaning products, becoming the first Australian company to specialise in what are known today as Sanitation Chemicals.

During the years of the Second World War, the product range of the Australian General Disinfectant Company was extended to include personal hygiene products including antiseptics for the war efforts.

1950s – 60s

During the 1950s, the product range expanded to include chemical products for building maintenance. The manufacture of floor sealers, polishers and waxes for hard floors became a major objective of the AGDC. The company has made many advances in introducing improved methods for floor maintenance, expanding recently to a range that includes soft flooring and carpet care.

The AGDC made a significant contribution to the formation of the first chemical trade organisation – the Association of Sanitation Chemical Manufacturers. Today, Whiteley Corporation continues to support the Australian Chemical Speciality Manufacturers Association and its affiliated activities.

1970s – 80s

In 1971, the Whiteley family became involved in the business initially through Mr Reginald K Whiteley. The Whiteley family then acquired the controlling interest in the company. The family ownership of the company had continued. Mr R K Whiteley continues to have an active and intimate involvement in the business, his son Greg is now the managing director. The tradition of the business endures and the directors and staff all work together to ensure the ongoing growth and profitability of the company through its innovation products and excellent customer service.

1990s – 00s

In 1995, the Company transferred its manufacturing to a purpose built, world class facility at Tomago, just north of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The site is licensed by Standards Australia and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and other relevant regulatory authorities. In March 2005, Whiteley Industries Pty Ltd changed its name to Whiteley Corporation Pty Ltd. This was a strategic decision aimed at better encapsulating both the medical and industrial divisions of the organisation.

2000s – 10s

In 2002, Whiteley Corporation launched Matrix® Biofilm Remover. Matrix® is a success story for the company as it was the first proven wet surface biofilm remover launched and the result of collaborative research with the University of Sydney. The ongoing research and commitment continues to support Matrix® reputation in the field.


Looking forward, Whiteley Corporation will continue to achieve high standards in manufacturing, distribution and technical support. Our business remains committed to innovation in technology and service. Creating better healthcare and industrial solutions as well as making a commitment to producing environmentally friendly products with the new EarthSmart range.

Quality Management System

Whiteley prides itself on its high standards of manufacturing and technical support. Our manufacturing site in Newcastle is certified to the international Quality Management System ISO 9001. It also holds a TGA Conformity Assessment Certificate for the design & manufacture of Class IIb medical device disinfectants under the international Quality Management System ISO 13485. Our first-class quality management systems ensures we apply rigorous quality processes, procedures and checks to every product that is supplied, to ensure that our customers get the best quality fit for purpose products they require.


Emergency & Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate