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Vale Reginald K Whiteley

Vale Reginald K Whiteley
It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Mr Reg Whiteley. He leaves his wife Moira, after 61 years of marriage, and their sons and families (Greg & Michelle, Andrew & Hanneke, Bruce and Rita) and the grandchildren (Mitchell, Jemima, Natasha, Niels, Jean).
Reg had a long and distinguished career, as a business founder, an innovator and an initiator of so many enduring organisations. Reg originally graduated as an industrial chemist from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and went on to work in a variety of positions, until moving to Sydney in 1955. He married Moira in 1957. After reaching managerial seniority he left a major Australian firm to join a small chemical blending business in 1971. After a short time as a consultant, Reg and Moira purchased the Australian General Disinfectant Company and it was renamed “Whiteley Chemicals” in 1976.  

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Whiteley Corporation Celebrates 85th Anniversary

Australia’s largest manufacturer of sterilants, disinfectants and healthcare cleaning technologies Whiteley Corporation is celebrating its 85th year of operation this month. Over the years Whiteley Corporation has been recognised for its world class products, patents and has received multiple awards.
Founded in 1933, as the Australian General Disinfectant Company (AGDC), the company supplied cleaning and hygiene products for the entertainment industry. The product range was extended over the years to include chemical products for building maintenance, and hard floor sealers, polishes and waxes. The original manufacturing site was located at Chippendale, in Sydney.
In 1971 Mr Reg Whiteley joined AGDC, in 1976 the company was renamed Whiteley Chemicals, and eventually became Whiteley Corporation in 2005. In 1982 Reg Whiteley began collaborating with Professor Yvonne Cossart and Dr Karen Vickery at the University of Sydney to research disinfection and viruses. This research led to the development of a multitude of products, including the world’s first wet biofilm remover – Matrix®.  

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New Solutions for Aged Care video from Whiteley Corporation

Infection Control in Aged Care is becoming more and more important as demand for Aged Care services continues to increase worldwide. With the population now living longer there is an increasing number of elderly who need specialist attention in nursing homes, high-care facilities and home care. Common areas of concern within Aged Care facilities include patient bathing, incontinence and overall the facilities susceptibility to bacteria and virus outbreaks.  

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Harmful bacterial biofilms target of new manufacturing research partnership

Healthcare, food production and manufacturing industry to benefit Novel solutions for biofilm infections are the focus of a collaborative research agreement between the University of Sydney, Whiteley Corporation and the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre.
Over four years, $3.5 million will be co-invested in the project by the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC), University of Sydney and medical and industry manufacturer Whiteley Corporation.
The research will be led by Dr Jim Manos and Dr Theerthankar Das from the Central Clinical School’s Discipline of Infectious Diseases and Immunology in the University’s multidisciplinary Charles Perkins Centre, and Dr Trevor Glasbey and Dr Greg Whiteley from the Hunter-based Whiteley Corporation.
Biofilms formed by bacteria on living tissue cause morbidity and mortality in humans and animals. They also form on inanimate medical-related surfaces such as catheters, implants, medical instruments and almost all dry surfaces, where they pose a significant infection risk for patients.   

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Whiteley Corporation wins ‘Excellence in Innovation’ Award

Proud Winner of the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ Award at the 2018 Hunter Manufacturing Awards! Whiteley Corporation received the 'Excellence in Innovation' award for its product Surfex®. Surfex® is the world's first dry surface biofilm remover and surface disinfectant with proven scientific data. To find out more information on Surfex® or to view the educational video - click here.

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Whiteley Corporation now offering water testing service

Whiteley Corporation has an exciting new service offering for Australian & New Zealand CSSD customers. As of 1st January 2017, sterilizing departments will be required to comply with the new standards for water testing – AS/NZS 4187: 2014*. The introduction of the new standards means sterilising departments in healthcare need to comply with Table 7.2: AS/NZS4187:2014 – ‘Water Quality used for processing RMD’s’. Whiteley Corporation is offering chemistry compliance testing free of charge** to customers using Whiteley Medical products in their CSSD facility. Our complete service offering includes routine maintenance of pumps and dispensers within each facility and this will be undertaken on a monthly basis for customers who choose our water testing service. Routine site visits to monitor and confirm product performance will be coordinated through Whiteley Medical’s Site Monitoring Report (SMR) App. Our team can assist with regular in-servicing and training for staff as well as provide ongoing support and training as required.   

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