• Effective against gram negative bacteria
  • Effective against gram positive bacteria
  • Works in hard or soft water
  • Stable foam

Eliminator is high foaming alkaline detergent designed for the cleaning and sanitising in food manufacturing and food processing industries. Eliminator is designed to be used as a multipurpose sanitiser for use on most types of materials and surfaces encountered in food processing establishments. Eliminator is extremely effective against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

The in-built detergent system means Eliminator is highly effective as a sanitiser in the presence of soils. Eliminator is ideal for removing animal fats and oils encountered during the processing of foods, particularly the processing of animals including meat, poultry and fish. Eliminator is also highly effective in the removal of blood and protein matter.

Eliminator is suitable for use in the cleaning and sanitising of stainless steel tanks, pipes, processing equipment, floors and walls. Eliminator is suitable for use in abattoirs for meat, poultry and fish products; citrus fruit and vegetable processing; canneries, food manufacturing and other food processing establishments.

The high foaming surfactants used in Eliminator mean it is highly effective as a sanitising detergent for use through foaming devices. Eliminator creates a high level of ultra-stable foam designed to cling to all vertical and horizontal surfaces. Eliminator contains a high level of sequestrant to ensure excellent performance in hard water and reduce scale formation.

Eliminator contains 4% (40,000 p.p.m.) available chlorine. Eliminator may be used in a variety of areas to sanitise and clean various surfaces and instruments. The germicidal efficacy of chlorine compounds is directly related to p.p.m. available chlorine.

Eliminator available in 15L drums.

For more information on Eliminator please contact Whiteley’s Product Support Hotline in 1800 833 566

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