Understanding the 3 basic principles for Infection Prevention.

COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns have been difficult. But the R&D, Production and Customer Service teams at Whiteley have been working hard to ensure that the future looks a little brighter. With the general public now embracing cleaning, surface disinfection and hand hygiene, the level of cleanliness previously reserved for hospitals and commercial kitchens is now being seen in transport and retail hubs.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of cleaning – not just for appearance – but also for health. Organisations and workplaces now apply the guidelines set by state Health Departments to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases and to meet their employees’ and customers’ expectations for a cleaner environment. As a result, there is an enhanced focus on cleaning and hand hygiene.

The onset of the pandemic saw a spike in demand for disinfectants and hand sanitisers. Businesses that were supplied by multinational companies suddenly found themselves out of stock as fully imported disinfectants were re-routed to meet demand back in the USA. Rogue start-ups exploited an opportunity to bring unregistered products to market, leading to a proliferation of copycat disinfectants and slimy, sticky, hand gels near the QR codes at sign-in tables across the country.

The TGA acted quickly to protect Australians from the substandard products. And the market has started to stabilise. But there is more work to do. It is critical that the trust people place in the producers of these critical products is deserved.

Whiteley has been a trusted local manufacturer for 85 years. Our benchmark Viraclean® was the first registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant in Australia to receive a TGA label claim for efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

There are 3 basic principles for Infection Prevention:

As Australia opens up and COVID-19 lockdowns become a thing of the past, people will return to work and to life and their reliance on cleaning and hygiene may be re-prioritised. Whiteley will keep sharing the message that cleaning for health is important for us and our families. We will continue to educate and support all those who play a role in cleaning the places we go to eat, sleep, play, pray, learn, heal and travel. Because the individuals who do that work are just as important as the great Australian products they are using.

For assistance with cleaning for health, please visit our Online Learning Centre or call Whiteley’s Product Support Hotline on 1800 833 566.