Whiteley has a long and proud history of supporting the communities we are part of both in Australia, and around the world. One of Whiteley’s goals is to have safer, cleaner community environments through advanced cleaning and disinfection technology. To ensure community health we are constantly developing new technologies which reduce the risks of healthcare associated infections.  We also ensure community health by supporting our neighbours in the pacific region through the donation of products and supporting training programs for doctors and nurses with the support of industry, professional groups, donors, governments, and others.

Many of the countries in the Pacific region have been badly impacted by the COVID pandemic in recent months. Whiteley has been able to offer support through the supply of Infection Prevention products to several countries in the region including Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Fiji.

To ensure an effective infection prevention plan is implemented, the services of trained health care professionals are required. Whiteley would like to recognize the wonderful education and support offered to the region by many Australian nurses and doctors. In particular we would like to recognize the tireless efforts of Margie Evans.

Margie is a talented and dedicated infection prevention manager, based out of the Royal Women’s Hospital in Sydney. She has been going to PNG and the Solomon Islands twice a year for close to two decades, offering education and support, and also arranging for the supply of equipment and products through her networks in Australia. Margie also volunteers for the Pacific Region Infectious Disease Association (PRIDA).

Whiteley has been working with and supporting Margie Evans work for many years and continue to do so during these challenging times. Recently, Margie has been instrumental in organising the supply and distribution of infection prevention products in Papua New Guinea. Without her knowledge and connections, the supplies would not have reached the remote parts of PNG where they are desperately needed.

Whiteley is proud to be a partner with Margie, and the other dedicated Australian Health Care professionals like her, who volunteer their time and talent to support our friends in the Pacific.

(Photo: Margie bringing in supplies for Goroka Hospital.)