Water Testing Service

The introduction of the new standards means sterilising departments in healthcare need to comply with Table 7.2: AS/NZS4187:2014 – ‘Water Quality used for processing RMD’s’.

Whiteley Corporation is offering chemistry compliance testing free of charge** to customers using Whiteley Medical products in their CSSD facility. Our complete service offering includes routine maintenance of pumps and dispensers within each facility and this will be undertaken on a monthly basis for customers who choose our water testing service. Routine site visits to monitor and confirm product performance will be coordinated through Whiteley Medical’s Site Monitoring Report (SMR) App. Our team can assist with regular in-servicing and training for staff as well as provide ongoing support and training as required.

Water testing will be completed at Whiteley Medical’s Test Facility in New South Wales. Water sample kits are available for purchase from Whiteley Medical. For more information on Water Testing Compliance contact 1800 833 566 or email whiteley@whiteley.com.au

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