Infection Prevention in Schools

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This course provides an overview of the importance of hand hygiene, surface cleaning and disinfecting and correct product selection to address the outcome required in the school environment. Included in this course are links to clinical data, safe work Australia websites, demonstration videos, links to wall charts, and a short quiz and certificate on completion.


Key Learning outcomes from this course:

  • Understand what considerations are required for the prevention of communicable infections (particularly those transmitted from person to person) in schools
  • Understand the guidelines and federal requirements for infection prevention in schools
  • Product selection based on outcome required

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  1. Guideline links to Education Infection Control guidelines etc
  2. Clinical papers which reflect the content
  3. Demonstration videos
  4. Product selection guides
  5. Product SDS and technical bulletins



Guidelines associated with Education School-based Infection Prevention

This learning module is based on requirements for communicable disease (infection) prevention in school settings as outlined in the following documents:





Catholic schools:





Objectives (at the end of this module the learner will be able to):

  • Identify what causes communicable disease infections.
  • Explain why prevention of infection particularly within school campuses is important.
  • Describe how to prevent infection within the school setting.
  • Choose the correct Hand Hygiene and Environmental cleaning products for their situation.