Sanifoam Concentrate
- Leaves surfaces sparkling clean
- Kills odour causing bacteria at source
- Odourless at dilution
- Concentrated for rapid cleaning action
SANIFOAM CONCENTRATE effectively removes soap scum, body fats and oils, hard water carbonate deposits, rust and urine stains, dirt and common soils, algae and mildew, as well as killing odour causing bacteria at the source.
SANIFOAM CONCENTRATE uses an innovative blend of mild organic acids and detergents to rapidly break down soap scum, body fats, oils and soils on contact to leave your bathroom sparkling. The unique detergents suspend the soils in solution once removed from the surface.
SANIFOAM CONCENTRATE represents a fundamental change in the way bathrooms are cleaned. For decades the use of commercial grade disinfectants, chlorinated cleaners, alkaline and acidic detergents have been strong on smell and poor on cleaning performance.
Persistent mal odours in bathrooms and washrooms come from difficult to remove soils and bacteria penetrated into old, porous ceramic tiles. SANIFOAM CONCENTRATE offers a deeply penetrating cleaning action to remove soils with additional anti-bacterial action to neutralise mal odours and sanitise at the source.
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