Whiteley Corporation wins 'Excellence in Export of Manufactured Goods' at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards


Photo (L-R):
Tim Owen – Liberal State Member
for Newcastle, Darran Leyden –
General Manager, Whiteley
Corporation,  Hannah Walmsley
and Krystal Burns – Marketing
Development Managers,
Whiteley Corporation, Greg
Whiteley – Managing Director,
Whiteley Corporation and
Tony Sansom – Regional Director,
NSW Trade and Investment.



Whiteley Corporation wins ‘Excellence in Export of Manufactured Goods’ at the 2013 Hunter Manufacturing Awards. The awards ceremony was held on the 18th October at Newcastle Panthers.

Whiteley Corporation celebrates 80 years in business this year and 18 years in the Hunter Region manufacturing innovative cleaning and disinfectant products for healthcare and industrial sectors. Our company exports to more than 23 countries with strong relationships in the United States, New Zealand and Asia. Greg Whiteley commented:

“Whiteley Corporation has export embedded into their DNA. We have been working on exporting product from Australia for over 40 years. We work hard at export, we travel extensively, we invest in relationships with our export partners and we persist until we succeed. Export has been a long term platform for business development and a motivator for innovation. Export is good for our business and it is good for the Hunter Region.”

Whiteley Corporation has been relentless in pursuing and developing new export markets. The launch of our new High Level Instrument Disinfectant in March 2013 and prior approval by the US FDA marks a major achievement for our company after nearly five years in development. Whiteley Corporation has had a 15 year relationship with our US partner and this relationship continues to position our products as market leaders in the USA.

The new High Level Instrument Disinfectant also achieved approval in Australia in February 2013 and will be distributed into all of our Export Markets moving forward. Each country in Asia normally has their own unique product registration system and many do not recognise our Australian TGA Registration so unique testing and data is usually required for each individual regulatory authority.

Greg Whiteley said: “Our entire team is involved in the development of our exported goods, from design right through to sales and implementation by overseas partners. Our team travel extensively, both to maintain existing relationships and towards the development of new markets. This year alone, I have been to the USA six times, with Whiteley team members making three additional trips on other occasions. In addition, I have been to Europe once, New Zealand three times as well as internal domestic travel. Our team has had multiple trips into China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia over the past year.”

NEW Educational Video on cleaning Ultrasound probes

Click here for information on Matrix Wipes including technical information, cleaning instructions chart and brochure or contact our Product Support Hotline on 1800 833 566.

Whiteley Medical has developed an Educational Video on cleaning ultrasound probes after intra-cavity and non invasive procedures using Matrix Wipes. The video is an excellent resource for training protocols and outlines the standard precautions and steps required to effectively clean ultrasound probes to prevent the transmission of infections. 

Matrix Wipes are a critical step in preventing the transmission of Infection in Ultrasound Probe Cleaning. Most ultrasound departments will provide imaging services to a large number of different patients on any given day. Various Ultrasound probes will be used on multiple patients, and it is of the utmost importance that all of these probes are cleaned, and where appropriate high level disinfected between every use.

'How to clean and disinfect blood spills using Viraclean' NEW Educational Video!

Click here for information on Viraclean including technical information, brochure and  material safety data sheet.

Viraclean™ is a major development in advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology from Whiteley Medical. It is the result of years of intensive research and development. Viraclean™ is the only solution that can be used for routine cleaning and disinfecting where necessary. Viraclean™ is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting blood spills, demonstrating beneficial versatility for healthcare and associated environments.

Blood Spills are a common occurence within healthcare facilities. Effectively cleaning and disinfecting blood spills reduces the risk of transmission of infections. For more information on Viraclean or to request a copy of the Educational Video contact our Product Support hotline on 1800 833 566 or email marketing@whiteley.com.au

Whiteley Corporation receives Healthcare Research Government Grant

Whiteley Corporation is pleased to receive the awarding of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant in the mid-year 2013 round. The team of researchers will be led from Macquarie University, with collaboration with the University of Western Sydney and Whiteley Corporation as the Linkage partner. The announcement on the awarding of the grant was made on the last day of the financial year, Friday 28th June 2013.

This research grant is for a project investigating the ‘Developing of Novel Chemistries for Removing Environmental Surface Biofilms to Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections’, and offers 3 years of funding into this important area of Research and Development.

Greg Whiteley stated: "
The total value of this research program is in excess of $1million dollars. The awarding of this grant recognises Whiteley Corporation’s long term commitment to collaborative research with universities around Australia."

The research team will be led by Dr Karen Vickery. Dr Vickery said: "This research will result in better cleaning of our hospitals and hence a decrease in the chance of patients developing infections when they are in hospitals. Currently, up to 20% of patients in intensive care units develop antibiotic resistant infections and environmental contamination plays a large part in transmission of these infections."

Whiteley will be an active partner in examining the make-up of the biofilms and will research ways of removing these materials from surfaces. Under the supervision of Dr Trevor Glasbey, the R&D team will conduct the majority of the chemical analysis at Whiteley Corporation’s Tomago research laboratory where they have the necessary experience and analytical equipment.

Greg Whiteley went on to say:
"We applaud the members of our own team and our collaborative research partnership team, on their commitment and hard work, and we also thank the Australian Government for the revitalisation of the R&D Grant scheme which allows for enhanced deductibility for businesses engaged in this type of new knowledge development. This project will develop new technologies that not only benefit Australian hospitals but which provide enhanced manufacturing and export opportunities for our business, building further value into the industrial heartland of the Hunter Valley."

Vale Paul Bishop


With sadness we announce that Paul Bishop lost his fight with Cancer on Sunday 17th March 2013.

Paul was 59, born in Wales, spent a large part of his life in NZ before shifting to Australia in 2001. He worked on both sides of the fence in Sterilising – first as a CSSD Manager for over 14 years before joining the Sales team for Baxter, Cardinal then Whiteley Medical. Paul had a large network of friends and colleagues in healthcare including Sterilising, Gastroenterology, Infection Control and Environmental Services.

For those that had the pleasure of meeting Paul he was a gentleman with a happy, positive attitude to life. We will all miss his sense of humour, his smiling face and the healthcare community is a poorer place with his passing. Rest in peace.

Whiteley Corporation - Healthy Future for Family Company

Whiteley Corporation, based at Tomago in the Hunter Region, has today confirmed news that its latest Instrument Disinfectant product has received FDA approval for sale in the USA. The product is to be marketed under the Label Rapicide OPA through its distribution partner, Medivators Inc., based in Plymouth, Minnesota.

“This is a major breakthrough for our company. The USA is the largest healthcare market in the world, and we have a well established partnership to manufacture and market our new High Level Disinfectant technologies,” commented Greg Whiteley the Managing Director for Whiteley Corporation.

The project commenced with patent applications which were first lodged back in 2007, and has taken an estimated $1m of premarket investment direct from Whiteley Corporation and their US Partner.

Mr Whiteley added, “Projects of this nature drain a huge amount of cashflow from our Australian family owned business and are an enormous undertaking in terms of resources. We applaud the members of our own team and our partnership team, on their commitment and hard work, and we also thank the Australian Government – and particularly for Senator Kim Carr – for the revitalisation of the R&D Grant scheme which allows for enhanced deductibility for businesses engaged in this type of innovation.”

Whiteley Corporation has specifically chosen to apply for approval in the USA market ahead of the local market due to the enhanced transparency of the USA approvals system and relative cost benefit for the market size. Mr Whiteley concluded “The USA market potential is more than 20 times the size of the Australian market, and yet the costs of approval are relatively similar. We will now move towards local approval which has the potential to add growth and jobs in Hunter Manufacturing over the next two to five years. This is very good news for the Hunter Region, of which we are a proud member.”

 The Newcastle Herald Article - http://www.theherald.com.au/story/398556/100m-deal-for-tomago-business/?cs=305 

Whiteley Corporation Corporate DVD

Whiteley Corporation has a long history as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of disinfectants for healthcare, floor maintenance and industrial cleaning products. Whiteley Corporation has been an Australian, family owned company for more than seventy five years. Whiteley Corporation has invested in the production of a corporate DVD to give distributors, consumer and public an insight into who Whiteley Corporation is. To view the corporate DVD click here.


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